Why Choose ReFind?

ReFind uses the powerful healing modality of Depth Hypnosis developed by Dr. Isa Gucciardi, to help you get to the root of the issue, the root of the discomfort, and the root of the pain. Depth Hypnosis draws on Shamanism, Energy Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Buddhism, and Transpersonal Psychology and has the ability to provide long lasting results. Healing can happen quickly and effectively.

Shamanism, Hypnosis, and Energy Medicine are incredibly transformative practices. They create true alchemy. They create deep shifts within the self. They are able to shift and release patterns that you have believed will never go away. Shamanism, Hypnosis, and Energy Medicine are deep, alchemical medicine for the spirit.

We understand what it is like to crave relief, comfort, joy, and connection. We know what if feels like to seek out immediate relief from pain. One of the capabilities that drugs and alcohol has is that they offer protection from pain, while at the same time seemingly helping you engage with the world, it gives us a false sense of connection and excitement.

ReFind is based on the knowing that you are more than your addiction. You have the power to change and heal your relationship to yourself. We will help you find the self you have lost to a source outside of yourself.

About Beth

I grew up in a dysfunctional family. As a young girl, I was forced to fend for myself because there was not an adult with the skills or the desire to parent me. As a result, I turned to alcohol and drugs at a very early age. For many years I continued in a downward spiral, going deeper and deeper, using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain from my childhood. I felt alone, ashamed, and unworthy of love, every second of every day. I think drugs and alcohol really saved me in the beginning, I was able to escape from my reality for brief moments and found temporary relief in my pain. When it worked to escape in drugs and alcohol, it really “worked” and when it stopped working, I felt like I was a prisoner of my drug of choice, my whole life revolved around my next high.

I finally got tired of feeling trapped, depressed, and depleted and decided that I wanted to change. I ended up in a 28 day rehab and stayed sober for many years through talk therapy and 12 step meetings. After having my first child, I relapsed on pain medication that was prescribed to me for chronic pain. My “rehab” this time around was a different experience, as I turned to Depth Hypnosis and began healing on an even deeper level.

Depth Hypnosis has helped me become deeply at peace with myself. For the first time in my life, I feel settled. At the core level, I know that I am okay and that I am being taken care of.

My mission is to now help others experience the same powerful self-healing I have discovered through Depth Hypnosis. Please contact me today and let’s ReFind you together.


“Her approach is extremely empowering, because she doesn’t try to “fix” me and my issues but she helps to guide me to find the answers to my own healing by connecting me to my inner wisdom. I deeply benefit from our work together and it has made a profound difference in my life.” – San Francisco resident

Recover, Reveal, and
Re-awaken the self you have lost to addiction

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Beth Osmer, Shamanic Practitioner.

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