Social Masks & How You Can Step Away From The Masquerade

Everyone wears a social mask whether they realize it or not. We all have insecurities and by putting on these social masks we can hide our true feelings from the rest of the world and pretend to be someone we are not.

What Are Social Masks?

Social Masks are versions of ourselves that have been created by society. Although we try to hide it judging the people around us is human nature. Most judgments are based on first impressions which can be hard to overcome.

We live in a world where we are judged based on our jobs, likes and dislikes, what car we drive, and what clothes we wear. Because of these judgments we have all put on social marks and built emotion walls, making it hard for the people around us to get to know the person we truly are. The longer the social mask is worn, the harder it is to remember who we once were and what use to bring us happiness.

The Different Types of Social Masks.

There are five different types of social masks. Although they all vary slightly from person to person, they are the same at their cores.

  1. The Positive Mask
    The person who wears a positive mask is usually hiding feelings of depression and being unhappy with their life. They want to portray that they are happy and that everything in their life is perfect. We all know that nobody is perfect, but a person wearing a positive mask seems like they come as close as you can get to perfection. Often, they achieve this persona by hiding issues with their jobs, relationships, family life, and financial life.

  2. The Strong Mask
    The person wearing the strong mask is typically overcompensating. They do not feel like they should as for help or show weakness of any kind. They come off as having it all together when in reality they are only pretending to be strong to the outside world while everything is actually falling apart.

  3. The Intelligent Mask
    The person wearing an intelligent mask is put on by people who have come accustomed to being praised and now need this validation. Often times you see this mask on high achievers who feel the need to show that they are superior to those around them. Inside they know that they are not perfect, but they try to hide this fact behind their intelligence.

  4. The Nice Mask
    The person who wears a nice mask is usually people pleasers. They want to be liked and accepted by the people around them. People pleasers put other peoples needs ahead of their own and fear that is they say no they will lose the people they care about. I dive into this topic deeper in my blog Being a “People Pleaser” and How It Is Affecting Your Health.

  5. The Jerk Mask
    The person who wears a jerk mask may come off as aggressive, macho and sometimes as a bully. The person behind this mask actually has a fragile self-esteem and is putting in a lot of work to hide that. This mask is usually put on after someone has been hurt but by keeping this mask on they usually become lonely which in turn can make the aggression worse.

How Do I Take Off My Social Mask?

There will come a time when you realize that keeping up these personas have become too much work and may even be hurting you. There are a few things you need to realize to truly be able to leave the mascaraed behind. You are a unique and powerful person and the world deserves to get to see how awesome you really are.

  • Accept yourself for the unique person you are.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and show the world you are powerful.
  • Stop judging other people and be kind.
  • Don’t let the fear of judgment stop you from being your badass self!

We all find ourselves at weak points sometimes, this is when it is important to remind yourself that YOU have a more valuable personality then any social mark will. If you feel like you are being pulled back into the mascaraed, don’t let fear keep you from asking for help. Keeping true to yourself can be a challenge but also extremely rewarding.

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