ReFind is an innovative and powerful recovery program that focuses on your individual needs and experiences. ReFind uses the powerful healing modality of Hypnosis. Beth uses Hypnotherapy, Shamanism, Energy Medicine, and Transpersonal Psychology to help people get to the root of what is driving an addiction. Hypnosis is designed to create deep, long-lasting healing while helping people return to their most powerful joyful self.

Recover, Reveal, and Re-awaken the self you have lost to addiction.

To Re-cover is to find or regain possession of something that has been stolen or lost.

At ReFind we will help you recover your self and the life you have lost to an addiction.

ReFind asks the question, “Not why the addiction but why the pain?” – Dr. Gabor Mate

Our Philosophy

What is an addiction? Any addiction is behavior that causes temporary relief or pleasure but has long-term negative consequences and you cannot give it up, even when there are negative consequences. Addiction is about filling the emptiness within from a source outside the self. At ReFind we support you in healing the “emptiness” from within, while at the same time helping you find and return to the most powerful you. We believe that you are more than your addiction. The addiction is simply the symptom of a damaged relationship to the self. We will help you find the desire, comfort, and power to help you land peacefully back in to your self. We are not searching for a “cure,” we are healing the self so that you no longer crave relief from an outside source.

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“Desperate to find a non AA approach, I landed safely at Beth Osmer’s. She is approachable, compassionate, non-judgmental, and so supportive. Previous treatment seemed never ending and never long lasting. I went to two rehab programs, individual talk therapy, reading, writing and more. I went through this for years and years. A few steps forward, progress, but not ingrained, and it was always a chore, clenching my teeth, getting through a day, not breathing, forcing myself to “behave,” feeling that life was unfair and beating myself up each time I drank.” – San Francisco resident
“Hypnosis is marvelous, amazing, and “out there,” but I always felt safe, never abandoned. It is working. I am moving toward one year sober, which is the longest period of time ever. It has been hard at times, but I have the strength to do this with Beth.” – San Francisco resident

Recover, Reveal, and
Re-awaken the self you have lost to addiction

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Beth Osmer, Shamanic Practitioner.

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