ReFind is an innovative, powerful, non-12 step recovery practice that focuses on one’s individual needs and experiences. ReFind uses the powerful healing modality of Depth Hypnosis. Depth Hypnosis uses Hypnotherapy, Shamanism, Energy Medicine, and Transpersonal Psychology to help people get to the root of what is driving an addiction. Depth Hypnosis is designed to create deep long last healing while helping people return to their most powerful joyful self.


Our “Laying the Foundation” program is for those who would like to explore and look at behaviors that may not be serving them. This program will be helpful to those that are beginning to question certain behaviors or choices and need more clarity.

Exploration is comprised of one 90 minute weekly session and the option to drop into a weekly ReFind group.

Our “Integration to a New Way of Life” program is for those who have recently gone through a treatment center, in-patient or out-patient, and need support in returning home while integrating abstinence into their daily lives.

This program consists of one 90 minute weekly session and the option to drop into a weekly ReFind support group.

“Life Changer” Program: 

  1. After engaging in ReFind and Depth Hypnosis for 9 months most people will be free from their addiction.
  2. They will have a new relationship to themselves and an understanding that they are using drugs and alcohol to medicate.
  3. They will have a deep awareness around their own suffering and how they have been using substances to cope.
  4. They will heal and begin to heal many life-long misaligned patterns, trauma, depression, anxiety, etc.
  5. They will have a clearer sense of who they are and they will know how to stand in their power and truth.
  6. They will learn life-long tools for themselves to continue to create change and peace in their lives.
  7. They will learn powerful meditation practices such as the Shamanic journey.
  8. They will feel connected to themselves and the outside world, and a deep sense of belonging as they heal.

Perks of our “Life Changer” Program:

  • Monthly massages with a qualified massage therapist
  • Monthly acupuncture
  • Daily email support
  • Weekly support groups

This program consists of two 90 minute sessions a week and the option to drop into a weekly ReFind support group.


We offer weekly “drop in” support groups for those that are in a ReFind program.


“Beth had my back with my addiction issues. It was so easy to speak with her about the blocks and struggles I was experiencing while trying to get sober. I knew that I could rely on her support without question…and even though our sessions have ended, I know with complete confidence that I can continue to reach out to her and she would be there to guide and support me. I was able to finally obtain sobriety, in no small part, due to Beth’s unyielding guidance and mentoring.” – San Francisco resident

“I am so thankful for Beth’s warmth, generosity, faith, patience and investment in this work with me and the hopefulness she has given me during a really difficult time in my life. I look forward to every session, even when challenging because I know with her guidance and support, I can make some very important shifts in my life.” – San Francisco resident

Recover, Reveal, and Re-awaken the self you have lost to addiction

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