Exposing & Embracing Addiction Beth Osmer’s Top 10 Addiction Expert Interviews

This powerful collection of conversations with the top 10 addiction experts covers practical advice, tools, and strategies to end the shame and secrecy spiral and to embrace a new you. In this free series you will learn:
  • The real reason you haven’t “kicked the habit” yet
  • How to have compassion for yourself
  • The HUGE mistake you might be making that perpetuates the “Secrecy and Shame Spiral,” so you can stop making it, and get out of the spiral once and for all.
  • How addiction and self-love are intimately connected, and strategies for working on how you feel about yourself.
  • How to find the courage to reach out for help.

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This collection includes interviews with the following experts:

Liv Wheeler

  • How to heal addiction in the ancestral line
  • How to remember one’s authentic nature
  • The connection between misaligned energy and addictive patterns.

Rhonda Smith

  • What happens when you finally ask the Universe for help
  • You are not broken, you never were, and you never will be
  • The power of healing with plant medicine

Kristina Wandzilak

  • The importance of treating the entire family when dealing with addiction
  • The difference between an invitational intervention and a surprise intervention
  • How to bring balance back to a family affected by addiction

Dr. Nancy Irwin

  • Her experience with the word “powerless” and how it pertains to recovery
  • How you can heal any past pain or trauma because you are now in control
  • How drugs and alcohol used to “work” but what happens when it stops “working”

TJ Woodward

  • The power of seeing yourself as a whole person
  • Spirituality as a deep connection to the self
  • What the underlying issues are that drive addictive behavior


Margo Talbot

  • How important it is to get to the root of depression and heal the root cause.
  • How finding your passion can lead you out of addiction.
  • How childhood trauma and pain are directly linked to addiction.

Erica Spiegelman

  • The value of creating a self-care schedule
  • The healing power in keeping your word to yourself
  • The value of affirmations to help “Rewire” your thoughts

Chris Grosso

  • The true meaning of being compassionate with yourself
  • The power of healing the relationship to your “addict”
  • The benefit of a meditation practice

Dr. Larry Peltz

  • Four powerful and insightful questions that will help you get to the root of any challenge or issue
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • The importance of balance in a western modal

Amy Dresner

  • A journey from a difficult bottom with drugs and alcohol to long-term sobriety
  • The importance of finding a community
  • How to live your life in your truth

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